Elected officials are increasingly making decisions that impact entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. With a North Carolina gubernatorial election happening in 2016 and recent bills eliciting strong reactions from the business community, we want to understand where startup investors, founders and their employees stand, in hopes of better tailoring our coverage at ExitEvent. This is the first of a series of surveys we'll conduct in coming months.

Note that each question is phrased in the context of current events/discussions related to the issue.
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Please consider each of the following state political issues and rate how you feel.

Education/Teacher Pay *

NC’s policy makers have taken some action to boost teacher pay, but critics say it is still low. To what extent do you believe that teacher pay is among the most important elements to ensure high quality public schools?
Education/Common Core *

In December, a commission tasked with reviewing the state's Common Core standards decided to keep them, despite pushback from some parents and legislators. To what extent do you support or oppose Common Core?
Any further comments or opinions about North Carolina education policy? Share here or move on to the next question.

Discrimination/HB2 *

On Wednesday March 23, Governor McCrory signed HB2, focused in part on public restrooms and the authority of cities to enact non-discrimination laws. To what extent do you agree or disagree with what you understand of HB2’s content?
Discrimination/HB2 Part 2 *

HB2 touched off a vigorous debate, including opposition from major tech companies and Silicon Valley investors. To what extent do you think the decision to pass HB2 impacts NC's reputation as a desirable place to do business?
Any further comments or opinions about HB2? Share here or move on to the next question.

How important are today's political issues to the success of your business?

Do you believe that political leaders have a good understanding of the issues facing startup businesses? *

Please tell us what topics you'd like us to address in future surveys.

If you're willing to be interviewed based on your responses to this survey, please provide your name and email address below. Otherwise, all comments will be kept anonymous.

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